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Taking Care of your Important Records

Securing and maintaining care of all your important documents is always a challenge. Let ASCAN show you how easy it can be.

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Welcome to ASCAN Corporation

Established in 2014, ASCAN Corporation incorporated with the founding principle of innovating new ways to simplify work experience. In order to fulfill this goal, ASCAN needed to set some guiding principles. The following are the three guiding principles set to assist us in successfully reaching our goal.

ASCAN Products and Services

ASCAN currently has three products and services to better your working environment.

Quick and affordable method of turning paper documents into digital documents
Light and easy software tool to help track document versions
Document viewer program developed with security layers and ability to prove document authenticity

ASCAN Scanning Service

Unlike other scanning services, ASCAN Scanning Service uses in-house developed manufacturing solution to enable mass scanning, multiple order processing, quick turnaround, labeling of individual files to customer specifications, integration with existing solutions, and tracking of each file, all at an extremely affordable price.


A light software tool, STIICA allows users to share their files with others, and track the changes made in them continuously without having to send the file back and forth. Using a revolutionary method, users do not even have to open the file to find out if changes have been made. Just simply looking at the icon will suffice in finding out if they have the latest version. Tracking the older versions of the file is also done automatically without having to constantly rename and save the files.


PINENOTE is a file viewing program that enables users to search for specific files and to add security layers. Most importantly, once scanned and stored using PINENOTE, it allows you to destroy the original hard copies of the files. This ‘new’ digital file will hold the integrity as the ‘original’ document and can be used as such in all cases, including legal disputes.


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